Greater Kailash - Popular Market Destination of South Delhi

Often referred to as GK, Greater Kailash is one of the most elite neighbourhoods in Delhi and is a home to some of the most aristocratic and affluent families of the Capital. It's divided into 2 parts: Greater Kailash 1 and Greater Kailash 2.

GK is abuzz with shopping centres, malls, fine-dine eateries, national and international retail stores. Years ago, a French diplomat's wife said that Delhi was shoppers' paradise. Delhi has always been a shopper's paradise. A place like GK lends credibility to this claim.

One very interesting and also very important aspect about GK is that according to Deccan Chronicle's 'Fair Market Survey' (2014), GK is one AUTHENTIC hub in India where one can get ORIGINAL international items unlike very many retail stores of international brands in other cities where there's not much assurance of getting the original items.

The writer bought a wrist watch of an International Brand from GK and when he went abroad, in fact, visited the flagship showroom of the brand in New York, the executive told me that my watch, which I purchased from that company's retail store at GK, was original.

Without sounding critical or condescending, I must mention that when I purchased an international watch from a very 'renowned' watch-shop in Poona (the oldest and best in Maharashtra), I got a duplicate watch.

GK also has a proliferation of fantastic restaurants. Whether one's a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, GK is dotted with all sorts of restaurants. I'm forgetting the name of that particular eatery at GK where first time in India I got to eat chhole-bhatoore with (free) dahi-bade! This I'd in many cities in Pakistan esp. Sialkot, Lahore and Faislabad (erstwhile Layalpur) but never anywhere in India. The North Indians, who love chhole-bhatoore, must know that the combination of chhole-bhatoore and dahi-bade (or at least, boondi ka raita) is simply otherworldly and irresistible! I thanked the owner and told him that I'd this combination only at his place and nowhere else in India. This time on my visit to Delhi and esp. to GK, I'll search for that eatery and again have chhole-bhatoore with (free) dahi-bade. I won't mind if this time dahi-bade is not free!

Ambling through the GK is an experience in itself. Delhi's cream of the cream can be seen here. One really feels good, meandering through the posh lanes of GK ( Pin Code 110048 ), which's never over-crowded and there's always a stamp of exclusivity to it.

For those, who want to shop till drop and want to see the creamy side to Delhi, must visit GK. Before winding it off, I ran into Shashi Tharoor here in a book shop a few years ago. He was flipping through his own book(s)! I approached him with a sense of trepidation. Contrary to the general tenor that he's snooty and supercilious, he met me with utmost courtesy and nicety. There was no air of superiority about him.

GK is a place that can be called the Crown of the Capital.

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