How Much Does Breast Asymmetry Correction Cost in NYC?

People with significant differences in the shape, size, or position of their breasts due to congenital deformities (like tuberous breasts), weight loss, or cancer are good candidates for breast asymmetry correction surgery to make their breasts more symmetrical and help them achieve their desired aesthetic.

Cost is a factor for most people when scheduling a medical procedure, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery, choosing the least expensive option may not help you achieve your desired results. The best way to ensure that breast surgery will help you reach your aesthetic ambitions is to schedule surgery with a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon familiar with your goals.

The cost of breast asymmetry correction in NYC

The cost of plastic surgery procedures varies greatly depending on many factors, but in New York City, breast asymmetry correction typically costs between $10,000 and $40,000. The main factors that influence the cost of breast asymmetry correction are:

  • The degree of breast asymmetry that requires correction
  • Whether additional elective procedures are performed during the surgical procedure
  • The experience and skill of your chosen plastic surgeon

Cost factor #1: The degree of breast asymmetry requiring correction

Breasts can differ in size or shape in three areas:

  • the footprint, where the breast tissue attaches to the chest wall
  • the conus, the inner breast tissue
  • the envelope, the skin surrounding the breast

Depending on which area is asymmetric, a plastic surgeon may use certain types of breast asymmetry correction procedures, which could affect the total cost.

For example, people with breasts that vary greatly in cup size have two options for asymmetry correction:

  • They may elect to receive saline or silicone breast implants to make one or both breasts slightly larger. Typically, saline implants are a good option for people with asymmetrical breasts, since they can be sized precisely during the procedure. Silicone implants are pre-sized and cannot be adjusted if breasts are asymmetrical, but often have a more natural appearance/feel
  • They may elect to have fat transferred from the larger breast to the smaller breast to correct asymmetry, a different procedure that would result in smaller breast size.

Breast enhancement procedures (sometimes called breast augmentation) may cost more than fat transfers, so the first option would be a more expensive breast asymmetry correction procedure than the second.

Similarly, plastic surgeons generally perform breast reduction and breast lift procedures for individuals with variations in the size of their breast conus and breast envelope. These procedures even out breast asymmetry while yielding smaller breasts. The cost of a breast reduction is generally greater than a breast lift but less than a breast augmentation. This means that the cost of this procedure may vary from the cost of a breast asymmetry correction for individuals with conus asymmetry only.

Cost factor #2: Whether additional elective procedures are performed

Breast asymmetry correction procedures require a few weeks of recovery time. That is why some people who want additional plastic surgery interventions to achieve their desired aesthetic may choose to have multiple procedures performed simultaneously. The cost increases when additional plastic surgery procedures are added to a breast asymmetry correction procedure.

For example, some people may have a tummy tuck, facelift, or rhinoplasty performed at the same time as their breast asymmetry correction. Each of these procedures would add to the total cost.

Cost factor #3: The plastic surgeon you choose

Since plastic surgery deals with cosmetic outcomes, choosing a qualified plastic surgeon who will deliver your desired results is essential. Inexperienced or uncredentialed plastic surgeons may offer breast asymmetry corrections at a lower cost, but patients may be unhappy with their surgical outcome.

Junior plastic surgeons can offer lower-cost surgeries because they treat a high volume of patients per day, which reduces each patient’s surgical costs. However, this low cost comes at a high price for patients—to perform several surgeries each day, plastic surgeons may rush procedures or offload pre- and post-operative appointments to lower-level providers like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or registered nurses.

Board-certified plastic surgeons with expertise in breast asymmetry correction provide aesthetic benefits and higher levels of care that are worth the increased price of procedures. Expert surgeons provide unparalleled surgical care and attentive, personalized follow-up treatment tailored to each patient. This gives patients greater emotional security and medical support.

What is covered under this cost?

The cost of a breast asymmetry correction procedure, when completed by an experienced plastic surgeon, should be all-inclusive, meaning that the cost includes all of the care related to the procedure, including:

  • A pre-operative consultation to discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals, insurance coverage, procedural questions, and procedure cost
  • Surgical fees, including physician charges, facility fee, anesthesia, and any medical supplies needed for the procedure such as implants
  • Surgical recovery room fees, which may be at a hospital or at a luxury NYC hotel
  • The cost of post-operative support garments such as compression bras
  • Scar treatment office visits and supplies such as silicone strips or moisturizing ointments
  • The cost of aftercare appointments, including surgical follow-up appointments and annual check-ups

A reputable plastic surgeon should be transparent about the costs and answer any questions you have about the expenses.

How can I set up a consultation?

The first step when setting up a breast asymmetry correction consultation is to choose a plastic surgeon. Asking friends or family members for recommendations or consulting a physician you trust can help you find a qualified surgeon. Before scheduling a consultation, check the plastic surgeon’s website to view their credentials and before/after pictures of other clients. Only schedule plastic surgery with a physician board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Most offices will allow you to schedule a breast asymmetry consultation online or by calling their office. When scheduling the initial consultation, ask about surgical timelines to ensure that you can obtain the procedure within your desired time frame.

Finally, ensure that your plastic surgeon makes you feel comfortable at the consultation appointment. If the plastic surgeon rushes through the appointment or seems misaligned with your aesthetic goals, you may want to look for a different surgeon to perform your breast asymmetry correction procedure.