How to Create the Perfect Camping Setup

Camping is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries and get back to your roots. However, in order for the trip to be rejuvenating instead of draining, you need to take the time to get your camp setup correctly.

How to Create the Perfect Camping Setup

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This ultimately means that you will want to set up your campsite to reflect the creature comforts you are used to at home. Successfully achieving this necessitates that you bring along gear — a durable rolling cooler, proper cooking gear, an area to relieve yourself — and set it all up in the right way.

On that note, here is how you can go about creating the perfect camping setup.

Choose Your Ideal Campsite Location

The first thing you need to do is pick out the best location possible for your campsite. Depending on where you are camping, this might mean choosing between a spot that has more amenities such as bathrooms, grills and similar niceties, and something that is more natural.

If you are setting up in a pre-established campground, things will be pretty easy. Simply pull in with your trailer to a designated spot or go and pitch your tent in one of the walk-in sites.

However, if you are more on the roughing it side of things, selecting a site will be a bit more involved as there can be many considerations when choosing a wilderness campsite.

This is an entirely different rabbit hole, so be sure to do your research on the topic.

Pitch Your Tent

With the campsite chosen, the first order of business is to pitch your tent. Of course, this assumes you are not staying in an RV. If that is the case, simply park your vehicle and set up shop.

For those who will be sleeping in a tent, start by removing any rocks from the selected area. Next, lay down a tarp or tent footprint where the tent will be built. Finally, arrange the tent so that the doorway faces away from any winds.

As far as the specifics of pitching a tent are concerned, these will be different from tent to tent. However, the general process is (usually) to stake the corners, put the poles together and place the ends in the grommets or hooks that live around the edges of the tent.

How to Create the Perfect Camping Setup

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Once the tent is set up, lay down your sleeping pad, bag and pillow. Then, lay out extra clothes and anything else that you want to keep with you inside the tent. Make sure any gear you don’t unpack is kept safe in a rugged hard case that can withstand anything the outdoors throws your way.

From here, you can begin building out the rest of the campsite.

Establish a Bathroom Area

Depending if you are at an established campsite or in the backcountry, you may or may not already have a bathroom at your disposal. If your site does not have a bathroom, you will need to set one up yourself.

This can be as minimalistic or as fancy as you want, ranging anywhere from a lined bucket with a pool noodle on top all the way to a commercially-made portable toilet with a privacy tent. Additionally, you will also need to bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

When setting up your own bathroom, be sure to do so at least 200 feet away from your tent, water sources or public trails.

Create a Firepit

Next on the checklist is to get your firepit going. However, before doing so, you will want to check any area regulations at the campsite entrance or the ranger station. Most campsites will have designated fire rings for you to use.

How to Create the Perfect Camping Setup

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After gathering your wood or placing the wood you bought near the firepit (depending on the rules and regulations of the site), set up your seating area around the firepit.

At the same time, you will also want to get out any flashlights, lanterns and other lighting options you may have brought.

Set Up Your Kitchen

First, never leave your food unattended at a campsite. This means that you should keep it safely stored until you are ready to cook.

That aside, when setting up your campsite kitchen, you can do so on a nearby picnic table, if available. If you are in the brush, then you will want to set up and store food at least 200 feet downwind from your sleeping area.

However, every campsite kitchen will need a camp stove, utensils for eating, drinkware and a means of disposing of any trash. While there are likely to be dumpsters available at established campsites, those who are in the backcountry will need to take their trash home with them. Therefore, it is wise to consider how much waste you generate on your trip.

The Perfect Camping Setup Makes for a Better Trip

Camping is a fantastic experience as it allows people to get closer to nature and relax. However, if your camping setup is poor, you are less likely to have a relaxing experience.

Be sure to get the most out of your next camping trip by following the steps outlined above.