Where You Should Look for the Best Locations on a European River Cruise

European River cruises contribute to the fastest-growing segment of the cruise market. Thanks to their capacity of around 150 to 200 travellers, you can bond and even have an intimate experience with your fellow travellers while you enjoy luxuries similar to those of 5-star hotels. Additionally, cruises in Europe offer unique features, amenities and itineraries to choose from.

To have a fulfilling tour, here’s where you should look for the best locations on a European river cruise. Let’s get started.

Viking River Cruises

Viking river cruises are the largest river cruise line worldwide, offering itineraries that consist of excursions and plenty of activities to do at each port of call. Additionally, they offer cruise travel to some of the world’s most famous and storied cities such as Budapest, Porto, and Paris. Furthermore, Viking river cruises offer a variety of travel packages of the continent’s best locations which include a 15-day cruise visit of four countries and other optional excursions.

Scenic River Cruises

Established in 1986, scenic river cruises offer excursions all over the world and into the best locations you’ve ever desired of exploring. From Canada, New England to Alaska and Europe, the scenic river cruise offers an incredible cruise tour tailored to your needs. Additionally, Scenic cruises in Europe offer an all-inclusive journey along the tranquil and captivating waterways of Europe. Some of the best location excursions offered by scenic river cruises include an 8-day tour from Frankfurt to Basel, an 8-day tour from Munich to Budapest and much more.

Uniworld River Cruises

Uniworld river cruises are one of the most popular cruises in Europe offering voyagers numerous cruise excursions around the continent with a stylish tour experience. Some of the best locations visited by Uniworld river cruises include an 8-day itinerary from Brussels to Amsterdam along the Rhine, 19 days itinerary from Prague to Bucharest along the Danube waterway, and an 8-day tour from Basel to Amsterdam while you cruise through France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

They also offer a 10-day exploration tour of Europe’s castles and remarkable historical cities along the Danube and much more.

Ama Waterways

Ama waterway is a family-owned and operated European cruise line offering voyagers a chance to explore Europe along the continent’s top rivers -the Danube, Main and the Rhine. In addition, Ama Waterway ranks among the best cruises in Europe that feature an exciting array of itineraries.

Some of Ama Waterways cruise itineraries include a 7-night excursion from Vilshofen, Germany to Hungary, Budapest, a 60-night excursion from Avignon to Giurgiu, and a 7-day excursion of the enchanting Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam. Ama Waterways also offers other cruise itineraries to voyagers who would like to explore and discover Europe’s best locations without a rush.


European River Cruises offer an array of itineraries that feature Europe’s best locations and attraction sites. Furthermore, each location presents a whole new experience to travelers regardless of their choice of the cruise itinerary. You also get to have fun on the plenty of activities each destination presents, making your cruise in Europe nothing but incredibly amazing.