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Discover All the Wonderful Things to Do in Tauranga! One of New Zealand's Most Popular Cities

The city of Tauranga is now today a popular lifestyle and tourism destination within the North Island of New Zealand. Boasting a full array of attractions and activities, discovering things to do in Tauranga is plentiful. If natural attractions and stunning scenery is your thing, Tauranga is bursting with such experiences. Not only has Tauranga become home to some of New Zealand's most popular beaches, it's harbour environments are... ❯❯❯

Seoul - Explore the Paradise of South Korea

The Blue House... the Presidents Abode The Blue House of Seoul not just offers historically enriching facts but also gives you verdant gardens for your eyes to savor upon. The blue tile on the ceiling of the building is where it gets its name from. The architecture is typically Korean in style. If visited on Saturday morning, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the military band performance outside the Blue House premises. This Blue... ❯❯❯

Beware Dear Solo Travelers

There's a gazillion tour companies now floating through the world wide web. Most travelers want the lowest price possible to escape and go straight to "" before they even narrow down their dreamy bucket list destination! This can lead to disaster or in the least, a waste of time and money on a place that will underwhelm you. Let's say a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You're clueless, but you Google local tour... ❯❯❯